Seeadler Bay Hotel supports tourism in Manus

September 12, 2014

The newly established 71-room hotel in Manus, Seeadler Bay Hotel has shown its support for a major tourism platform to be developed by the Government and its partners for the island province. And with very little economic activity and outside interference on the island, its scenic beauty is part of the rich biodiversity found along the Bismark Archipelago that holds some of the country’s most fascinating sights both on land is something worth considering.

Owner of Seeadler Bay Hotel Sam Tasion stressed the importance of making Manus Province a major tourist destination with its World War II history and relics, had the ideal setting of a tourism hub in Papua New Guinea for both Japanese and Allied countries. ‘Manus Province has enormous potential in becoming a tourism hub in Papua New Guinea’, he added. And with more than 600 expats living and working on the island province, presents a pull factor with enormous potential in driving local tourism packages within the province. It is expected that the provincial tourism authority and stakeholders are currently working on something to achieve the desired results.

Seeadler Bay Hotel recently added to its diversification business scope, a three storey commercial complex in the centre of Lorengau town that could provide office space for potential Ecotour operators in taking up space to roll out their business plan for the province. ‘We must work together on such a project as it promotes sustainable development in this country, however more importantly is adequate income generation for the local populace’, Mr Tasion said.

He also emphasized the need for government intervention through its tourism agency and partners in pursuing something big for Manus Province, adding it was timely with the number of expats already living and working on the island. “We already have police presence and a potential market here, therefore from a business perspective, there is a viable market already in place to for us to take advantage as a business opportunity.”

The island province is located strategically along the Bismark Sea with its many islands surrounded by land and marine beauty and relics that already has the backing from a corporate organization in support of such an initiative to build a major tourism platform for the province.

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