VSAT for Seeadler Hotel Manus

April 30, 2014

VSAT Technology and Internet Wi-Fi is finally available at Seeadler Bay Hotel, located in Lorengau, Manus Province.

The new establishment boasts a 71 rooms hotel accommodation with Deluxe, Standard and Seaview rooms. Seeadler Bay Hotel recently acquired it own VSAT that was installed last week that will now provide its corporate and walk guests Internet Wi-Fi within the hotel premises. The VSAT Technology is part of Seeadler Bay Hotel’s long-term infrastructure, adding value to its hotel services.

The Hotel will also provide an Internet café for its guests including Wi-Fi. The accessibility of Internet Connection in Manus has always been an ongoing issue, however the hotel management when contacted, were very optimistic about the VSAT installation at Seeadler Bay Hotel adding; it was timely with the influx of travellers into the province who opted overnight accommodation businesses that provided Internet W-Fi services.

Seeadler Bay Hotel has always placed emphasis on ‘value’ and ‘convenience’ for both the hotel and its guests. At current, Seeadler Bay Hotel offers 11 Deluxe Rooms, 24 Standard Rooms and also the newly completed 36 Seaview Rooms that can cater for both corporate bookings and walk in guests and therefore, the decision to install such a technology was imperative in adding value to the hotel. Currently, VSAT technology is the way to go for outside provinces likes Manus and therefore, business houses should be seen as business partners with the government in building their own provinces with Wi-Fi Internet by providing corporate companies Internet accessibility on a daily basis.

For any corporate bookings please contact reservations.seeadlerbayhotel@gmail.com or on telephone: 9709589.

Visit Seeadler Bay Hotel website www.seeadlerbayhotel.com

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